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#Consulting and #Services

Thank you for taking this time to build a new partnership.

In Real Life Enterprises is dedicated to ethical consulting practices and provides professional, independent business services to satisfy your business needs. IRLE is the leader of "Business Managed Services, Diversity, Training and Development, Human Resources and Sustainability Consulting and Services". We not only provide consulting and services, we also partner with other independent contractors to get the job done.

We offer:

Business Management Consulting & Services

- Financial Strategies and Services

-Managed Services

- Office/Department Strategy Consultations

-Facility Management

Business Development and Training Consulting & Services



-Executive Development Strategy and Training

-Employee Development Strategy and Training

-Website Design

- Content Writing


-Grant Writing

-Website Maintenance

-Marketing Strategy


-Relocation and Expansion


-Motivational Speaking

-Public Speaking Lessons

Human Resource Consulting & Services




-Payroll Processing

-Benefits and Compensation


-Compliance and Regulation

-Document Preparation

-Government Contracting Partnership Opportunities

-State/ Federal Certification Application Assistance

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"Consulting for Life."

Business Management Consulting and Services


Business Development and Training Consulting and Services


Human Resources Consulting

and Services