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In Real Life's Blog

In Real Life's Blog

In Real Life Enterprises!!!!!          Talking about "Life." - Ms. J. Banks

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Posted on December 3, 2020 at 7:40 AM

Business Consulting & Services

Posted on September 14, 2017 at 8:25 AM

In Real Life Enterprises

We provide top notch consulting and  managed services. We offer:

Business Management Consulting & Managed Services


- Tax Prep

- Financial

- Insurance

- Office/Department Management

- Facility Management

-Process/Production Management


Business Development and Training Consulting & Managed Services



-Employee Development

-Web Design, content writing


-Website maintenance

-Marketing Strategy


-Relocation and Expansion


-Motivational Speaking

-Public Speaking lessons

Human Resource Consulting & Managed Services




-Employee Relations

-Benefits / Compensation


-Compliance and Regulation

-Document prep

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Today is the day!!!!!

Posted on July 28, 2017 at 5:00 AM

Im going to start by saying ,'Thank You, Jesus".


I want to begin by telling everyone,"You are Forgiven, if you ask". Yes, I know this is not new and it's free information, but I dont think everyone understands what it means.

In the world of business we find ourselves in a cyclonic divide of emotions. Fueled by greed, egotistical decisiveness, confusion and insecurity. We define caring for our family as the reasons for our poor decisions and actions. Our "Life" is not what we thought it would be. Or what we were told it would be. Most people would say, "that doesn't apply to me". Says who? We all have had our moments. Regardless of the context we have experienced it in....... It is written.

This is the basis of our existance. If we did not fall short some time we would not have a reason to say,"Thank You", "Amen", "Halleluljah" or even pray.

Let's keep this 100......We all pray to some one, no matter what shape, form or fashion. We are all told to ask and it will be given. Again, it is written.

I say this, to say," Life begins with change". In order to move forward, all we have to do is ask........ It is written. Then we must forgive ourselves.

Situations, incidents, events and etc... are required to develop us as "Leaders", as "Mentors", as "Professionals" and as "Brothers and Sisters" in order for our individual development and self discipline to progress and excel in a forward deviation from everyone elses reality..... Hint the word, "SELF".

Just as our parents chose our names before we were born, our negaitve and positives were already attracted.  Paula Abdul made a song called, "Opposites Attract".  Yes, I was a fan. The just of the lyrics speaks of the multiple differences we all have, which are natural. We are attracted to the "Difference" that will make us better at something, more creative, happy, loving, caring and compassionate about our "Life". In return the reality of this is to be able to ask for "Forgiveness" and give "Forgiveness" in return. All we have to do is just ask...... Again,it is written.

We remain in this cyclonic divide because we are not asking for the "Forgiveness" we deserve and need. This creates an unbalanced mental equilibrium. And we all know that when this happens, eventually we'll tip over. 

Our free-will is not limited to a "Noun". Understand...... there are people that DO NOT wipe/shake, wash their hands or flush, but will still shake your hand. That is their free-will. You would never know, unless you ask. The important part is under what condition is it okay? Business partner, collegue, client or employee, it doesn't matter. In order to be completely free, we must be willing to free someone else first. When a person is driven enough to ask for "Forgiveness", give them their freedom.......Remember, we spite ourselves when we deny a person the oppurtunity to be completely free from their sins..... Ask yourselves, "Whose holding your freedom right now"? 

J.Cain - Chief Business Consultant


Posted on January 25, 2017 at 7:00 PM

When did it become the "New Norm" to call a business, straight up lie,  then make a smart remark all in the name of sales???????

They did not tell us anything about this in college......


Un- Ethical

Un- Acceptable

Who is teaching, or should I say "Training" representitives to use this type of behavior as the proper way to sale a product??? Who is lowering their standards of professionalism???? Why???

What did you accomplish????

First off, as business owners, we already know you're lying!!!!!

Seriously........In Real Life, Im working, in a storm, I think my right wrist is fractured and it's in a brace( Im right handed and in pain) and I have to leave in 3 minutes and the phone ring...............

Hi, can I speak to the person who makes the decisions regarding this, that and the thrird........ "I can handle that, how may I help you?"

Your information is not up to date..... You need to fix it.....Huh????

I politely said, "I'm not interested in purchasing anything at the moment." Then I got jumped, kicked, slapped and died, came back and ate your brain......(atleast thats how I feel everytime I get one of these you know what on my line)

And the only thing your boss wants you to say to a potential client  is something this ignorant. Are you kidding me???? If it was wrong, how did you find me? How did you get my number?

Not only am I now mad because it's a sales call, I only have 1 min left and you just lied....... and you have the nerve to say, " so your business cant handle anymore clients?"

Excuse me??? As if this call was suppose to increase business..... For who????? Not with those weak tactics.

Wow, the nerve of some companies. Usually I brush business to business disrespect off. But this has been happening more than once a week since September 2016. The sad part is they throw well known search engine names out there, to make themselves sound important as if they told them to call.... How can my listing be wrong on social media??????

By this point, Im thinking...."Who are you,again?"

I replied, "thank you for calling," then hung up.

Some people have said that I was rude.  Explain that to me.

I listened to your lie.  I stated, "Im not interested.".... Simple call.  As a professional, you'd think the next thing would be, "okay, thank you for your time" and we hang up.

Nope. Didn't happen. Instead, I hear the same horrid line......"so your business cant handle anymore clients?"

Yes, Im disappointed....... You sure told me.

But, guess what?????You didn't make a sale.........

All I'm saying is, "In Real Life, Respect is apart of the natural order of life. Don't take it for granted."

Experiences teach us how to communicate with each other.....

Living develops wisdom..... Some people call it "common sense".

Hopefully we all were taught some sort of manners as we developed into who we are.

But college taught me "Ethics" and "Professionalizim". Real Life allows me to bring it all together.


The "Life" of your business depends on experiences with the Living..

In Real Life Enterprises

Posted on January 6, 2017 at 6:45 PM


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Posted on June 19, 2016 at 1:25 AM